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Food and Beverage Safety Attorneys

Forty-eight million food-borne illnesses occur in the United States each year. The increase in reported outbreaks is due to the increased accuracy of tools used in these investigations, not a growth in contaminated food. With such a large number of reported cases, food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are facing increased litigation.

Additionally, in 2011, President Obama signed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), aiming to apply preventative controls to ensure that the U.S. food supply is safe.

food-borne illness defense attorney group

Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote’s (DMC) Food and Beverage Industry attorneys regularly handle allegations of food-borne illness and outbreaks, food allergies, foreign objects, mislabeled product, product tampering, and hot beverage burns, as well as regulatory compliance, security issues, and labor and employment issues for food and beverage manufacturers and retailers.

DMC’s Food and Beverage Industry Group has defended a variety of international, national, and local manufacturers, processors, retailers, and distributors of food and beverages against outbreaks tied to a host of products, including eggs, beef, chicken, green onions, tomatoes, and peanut butter. DMC’s group has extensive experience, having been retained as lead litigation, consulting or monitoring counsel on major outbreaks caused by E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis C, MRSA, norovirus, and Listeria.

Recognizing that claims of food-borne illnesses and outbreaks can be devastating to a business, the Group understands the importance of aggressively defending such claims while being sensitive to media scrutiny. Important to the successful defense of these claims is the communication of modern food safety procedures and the industry’s concerns for its customers. DMC’s Food and Beverage Industry attorneys use their knowledge of the rules and standards of the FDA, the USDA, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) in effective litigation strategies and in minimizing litigation risks. The Group has successfully defended corporate officers by applying the Supreme Court’s Park Doctrine in criminal liability claims and counseled their clients in being in accordance with the Food and Beverage Industry’s standards for food safety.

Equally important to the industry is the increasing complexity of labor and employment issues. DMC's Food and Beverage Industry Group works closely with its Employment and Labor Law and Workers' Compensation Groups to defend labor employment claims unique to the food and beverage industry.

For further information on the capabilities of the Food and Beverage Industry Group, contact Christopher T. Lee at 412-392-5491 or via e-mail at